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2329 NE Thompson St
A Stately Colonial Revival Home

If this house looks a bit like a Southern plantation house, it's because Mary K. Miller wanted a house to remind her of her childhood home in Virginia.  Her husband, Fred O. Miller,  had risen from selling shoes to become owner of a large chain of dry goods stores, and built this grand home for his family in 1914 -- possibly to plans drawn by an eastern architect -- to fulfill his wife's dream of a home like she remembered from the South.  Certainly, the great Corinthian columns supporting the portico speak to a more leisured time of carriages and mint juleps.

The current owners, while cherishing and carefully tending their fine home, have brought the home and its interior into the modern world of high fashion.  The rooms are a tapestry of colors rich with Moroccan and Italian themes.  Trips to Italy have provided a bounty in art glass, chandeliers, and lush fabrics.  Highlights are Moroccan style dining room chairs, mirrors, and even a Moroccan sitting room . Each room has a theme, carried out with faux finishes, hand painted decorative art, and charming antiques.

Soon after the tour in May, 2001, photographers from Oregon Homes magazine were spotted swarming over this house.  In 2005 this home was individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  For more about its history see our coverage of NR listed properties in Irvington.



Elegant plantings and landscaping complement the grand dimensions of this home.  The basaltic rock wall along the sidewalk conveys a feeling of permanence and solidity.




From the multi-pointed star light above the main entrance to the comfortable wicker outdoor seating, this home reflects great care in selection of materials and furnishings.