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2002 Home Tour


The Irvington School
1320 NE Brazee

The Irvington School enrolls about 600 students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.  The building is a focal point of social and community life in the neighborhood. Just west of the main building is new playground equipment and a student garden area.  Improvements to these areas were partially funded by a grant from the Irvington Community Association with proceeds from previous years' Home Tours.  In addition to these funds, major contributions came from the local PTA and many individual donors.

The building was constructed in 1932 during the Great Depression.  Contractor Edwin Quinn built the structure for just $195,000 and used 350-400 workers who rotated on short workweeks to spread out the work at a time of extreme unemployment.  In 1936 the Works Progress Administration (or WPA) Art Project funded what is known as the Oregon History Murals, painted by Oregon artist Ed Quigley, inside the school. 

In October, 1999, vandalism of the murals awakened local WPA Art enthusiasts to the importance of maintaining such historic Depression era artwork in our community.  The school has recently launched the Irvington Mural Project to raise $35,000 for repair and restoration of the murals to insure their survival for future generations.  The Irvington Community Association has also contributed to this fund using Home Tour proceeds.




Fine terra cotta detailing above the main entrance is typical of the fine workmanship and detailing throughout the school building.




More fine detailing around the windows add character and warmth to the building.




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