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2407 NE Tillamook Street
A Victorian Stick Style Home - Among the Oldest in Irvington

When William O. Fouch built this home for his family in 1891, Irvington was still largely undeveloped.  Elizabeth Irving-Ryan was still alive and managing lot sales (the "Irving" in "Irvington"), few streets were paved, and the first electric trolley line into the neighborhood had just started operating.  

In the bad economic times of the early 1890's Fouch lost the home, and it went to Myrtle Reed who proceeded to live here with her sisters and brothers for nearly 60 years.  While little had been changed in the house by the 1990's, it also had suffered from the ravages of time and Portland's wet winters and was in desperate need of updating.

In the mid-1990's, the current owners began the painstaking job of restoring the home to its original look, using historic photographs as a guide...  (more)


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